Box of Toys - 7 assorted

 Box of Toys - 7 assorted
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    A Baby's Choice rents all kinds of toys, books, legos, cars and trucks, electronic sound and activity items for any age baby or toddler. Our supply of toys consists of hundreds of different name brands, styles and types of toys. We can match up your child's age and sex with our toys. Seven sanitized toys are individually picked out and placed in a child safe colored plastic crate and delivered with all of the other items that you have requested for your rental period. All batteries and toy functions are checked prior to your rental period to ensure every toy works as it was designed.From simple books, blocks, beach pails,sorters trucks and cars to multi functional educational toys that talk and sing we have them all here at A Baby's Choice. Get your box fun toys today.

all equipment is
sanitized & safety checked prior to rental satisfaction guaranteed