Graco Duo LTD II Double Tandem Stroller

Graco Duo LTD II Double Tandem Stroller
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    With it's Blue and white pattern, the Graco Duo LTD II Double Tandem Stroller was a best seller of its time and we still have them in inventory and they are still in great shape here at A Baby's Choice. They feature the high quality construction Graco is famous for with a full stroller length under-carriage storage compartment. They fold and open easily. They have both front and rear canopies. They are reasonably lightweight, they fold up easy and they stand up on their own. Some have a food and play tray for the baby in the front and a cup holder and storage compartment for mom or dad. One hand folding operation is all that's needed to close this stroller. Need a cheaper alternative for a double stroller? Rent this one from A Baby's Choice.

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