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Fridges / Electronics / Appliances A Baby's Choice Guest and Equipment Rentals of Florida (ABC) has a wide array of electronic & appliance selections suited for use to rent at home and away from home. This category is full of especially nice, useable, convenience items that will make your vacation pleasurable. Box and room fans, dorm and small refrigerators, microwaves and ovens and monitors to name a few. If we don't stock the item you are looking for call 561-686-0101 and ask our representative if we can get it. We are always open to suggestions to expand our vast array of electronic products to meet your short term needs. Sit back and enjoy your time in your down time in your room or on your patio with A Baby’s Choice’s electronics. Keep your food, snacks and drinks cold and fresh with small dorm style refrigerators that are electronically cooled. No more bulky and heavy refrigerators. These dorm size fridges are popular with hotels and resorts as they provide a nice storage for cold snacks and drinks and do not take up much space in the room. Our small tabletop microwaves are convenient for warming up baby bottles, leftover food, bags of popcorn and even cooking small dishes. Rent a box fan for your beach house. A bottle warmer for Junior or a monitor to keep an eye out. Check out our electronic product lines ranging from Avanti, Igloo, Sony, Conair, Robitussin, Graco and Summer All of A Baby’s Choice’s electronics and appliances are sanitized, cleaned and inspected as soon as they return back from rentals and before they are rented again. If you are in need of any small electronic equipment or appliances to rent for a guest house or room, call A Baby’s Choice. We can supply your needs at affordable pricing and on time delivery.

all equipment is
sanitized & safety checked prior to rental satisfaction guaranteed