Furniture / Gliders / Rockers

Furniture / Gliders / Rockers Baby and guest rooms are not usually very comfortable or convenient without small furniture items. Our selection of furniture and nursery equipment to rent in south Florida is a necessary part of child rearing for parents and make your guest’s stay a comfortable one. Did you know we stock wood or wicker baby changing tables and small nightstands? Lazy-Boy recliners and rocker glider rocking chairs with ottoman for nursing mom's will make your guests feel right at home. Our folding clothing and garment racks are most popular for garage sales and remodeling that master closet. Our room dividers will keep baby from waking up when in the same room as your guests. A Baby's Choice rents small furniture items that do not take up much room in your guest room and that can be moved around at your convenience if need be without you having to be a body builder or weightlifter. Our small furniture is light in weight and strong in sturdiness and protection. Unfortunately, we have not branched out into hospital beds or other medical equipment such as wheelchairs and mobility products just yet. Keep your eyes posted for news on that front. All of A Baby’s Choice’s equipment is sanitized, cleaned and inspected for damage as soon as it returns back from rental. If you need any equipment or furnishings for an empty guest room or would just simply like to add to your living area or room, A Baby’s Choice has the items you need to rent.

all equipment is
sanitized & safety checked prior to rental satisfaction guaranteed