Bikes Jamis Adult 26 inch Cruiser Unisex

Bikes Jamis Adult 26 inch Cruiser Unisex
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    A Baby's Choice rents 26 inch high quality Adult Jamis Rental Quality Cruiser Taxi Bikes like you see at all the 5 Star Resorts for a fraction of the price. Starting with the lightweight aluminum frame and a parts pick that’s nearly all lightweight alloy, these bikes just north of 30 pounds and are easy to pedal and more fun to ride. The Taxi saddle is as durable as it gets, with an extra-thick 3 mil cover to resist puncture, a flat top that won’t pool water when the Taxi is parked in the rain, box section rails that will never bend, and double-loop springs that comfortably support passengers.
    These comfy unisex bikes have high adjustable seat heights, soft hand grips and high quality rims for the smoothest rides. Cruiser bikes also have pedal/ coaster brakes for your riding pleasure. The low bar unisex feature with self adjustable seat height will accommodate 5'1" riders and up. Rent your HELMETS along with your bikes to ensure all safety needs have been met.

all equipment is
sanitized & safety checked prior to rental satisfaction guaranteed