Bumbo Baby Seat with Tray & Strap

Bumbo Baby Seat with Tray & Strap
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    Caution:Bumbo Baby Seat should only be used on a flat ground level surface and should not be used until your baby is fully able to support its head. The newly introduced strap should be used to secure the baby and we recommend using the included tray as an additional safety feature to keep the baby from getting out of the seat.
    The Bumbo Baby Seat is uniquely designed according to the baby's posture. It is a different take on high chairs and boosters. The Bumbo Baby Seat will allow baby to independently sit upright from as young as 3 months up to an age of approx. 14 months. Bumbo Baby Seat provides a snug and cozy environment for your baby. For the parents that are looking for something other than non-traditional boosters, the Bumbo Seat is what you need.
    The Bumbo Baby Seat is manufactured to the highest safety standards from low-density foam material, which helps make these baby seats lighter and more portable. The seat is soft and comfortable for the baby. The Bumbo Baby Seat is safe, hygienic and non-toxic with an outer skin of durable, easy to clean material. Bumbo Baby Seat is versatile and is designed so your baby's own body gently keeps it in place. Depending upon the individual development of the child, some babies will be able to climb out of the Bumbo seat so always use the provides strap and tray and never leave your child unattended. Your baby can eat and play with this detachable tray! The tray attaches easily to the center knob on the seat, and can be removed for more interactive play. It is made of white, durable plastic that wipes clean. The tray measures approximately 12.5" wide. Bumbo Baby Seat is suitable for babies 3 to 14 months old and holds up to 22 lbs. Sit your baby upright today. Rent a Bumbo Baby Seat from A Baby's Choice.

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