City Mini GT Double Stroller


The City Mini GT Double captures the essence of the City Mini but gives you the ability to pave your own way. It features the City Mini quick fold. With the addition of large all-terrain wheels, an adjustable handlebar and hand-operated parking brake, you decide how far you want to go off the beaten path. This City Mini Double GT stroller features an upgraded front suspension system compared to the City Mini Double. 100 lb capacity


  • 3 Nights $85.00
  • 1st Week $85.00
  • 2 Weeks $145.00
  • 3 Weeks $190.00
  • 4 Weeks $235.00
  • 5 Weeks $275.00
  • 6 Weeks $310.00
  • 7 Weeks $340.00
  • 8 Weeks $365.00
  • Extra Night $14.00


Final price (for dates selected)

$ 85.00

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