Diaper Pail


For the small or new born baby at home or visiting, you will definitely need a Diaper Pail from A Baby's Choice. Use our large diaper pail to dispose all the used diapers, which can release unpleasant odors when left in a normal trash bin. Our Diaper Pails hold up to 30 diapers and come with a refill ring. They have step down lid openers to ensure you don't really have to touch the pail. The benefits of our Diaper Pails are :Odorless, Easy to use, Large capacity holds up to 30 diapers.


  • 3 Nights $12.75
  • 1st Week $12.75
  • 2 Weeks $21.75
  • 3 Weeks $28.75
  • 4 Weeks $35.00
  • 5 Weeks $41.00
  • 6 Weeks $47.00
  • 7 Weeks $53.00
  • 8 Weeks $58.00
  • Extra Night $2.50


Final price (for dates selected)

$ 12.75

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