Plasma Car - Award Winning

Plasma Car - Award Winning
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    The PlasmaCar, by PlaSmart, is a mechanical marvel that makes use of the most inexhaustible source of energy; kid-power. One of the world’s best-selling children’s ride-on-toys, the PlasmaCar’s unique and award-winning design requires no batteries, pedals, gears, or electrical parts to propel the car; you simply turn the steering wheel, and away you go! The PlasmaCar harnesses the natural forces of inertia, centrifugal force and friction. Quiet, inexpensive, and providing limitless playability, the PlasmaCar is truly a unique toy that can reach exhilarating, but kid-friendly, speeds of up to 10 km/hour (6 mph). . . It’s pure energy, and pure fun! The PlasmaCar is meant to be used on a smooth, flat, hard surface and will not function properly on carpet, grass, gravel, sand or any surface with “give”. On a smooth, flat, surface, the Plasmacar can support up to 100kg (220 lbs) and will support up to 55kg (120 lbs) on rougher, uneven surfaces. On smooth, flat surfaces, the PlasmaCar can reach an exhilarating, but kid-friendly, speed of up to 6 mph. In addition, the PlasmaCar meets or exceeds all International safety standards including EN71, ASTM F963-07 and US CPSIA.
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