Metal Toddler Bed 30 inch by 52 inch

Metal Toddler Bed 30 inch by 52 inch
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    A Baby's Choice rents a safe and colorful Toddler Bed with complimentary innerspring mattress, sheet and pad. This child size bed is perfect for transitioning your little one from crib to big boy/girl bed. This toddler size bed is the same width and length as a crib at 30" wide by 52" long and features a high quality, colorful plastic and metal frame with headboard and foot-board.This bed is clean, lightweight and sturdy. Your child will be excited to go down to sleep on this theme style cot. The bed is built low to the ground for easy child access and comes with two built in side rails for safe and secure sleeping.It is recommended for children 18 months to 5 years of age and under 50 pounds.

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